6 Tips for Prostate Health

Prostate problems such as Prostatitis and BPH are so often related to a combination of lifestyle factors and daily stresses of modern living. Read through the 6 tips below which will help you improve your prostate health, small changes here can prevent more serious problems in later life. If you are at all worried about any symptoms you are experiencing, you should always consult your GP or health practitioner in the first instance.

Have More Sex!

Having sex is one of the best ways to improve your prostate health, two or three times a week would be optimum, but if you are regularly changing partners protected sex should be paramount as bacterial infections can cause a number of prostate problems.

You can also integrate prostate massage into your sexual encounters, there are a number of Prostate Massage devices on the market, although if your partner prefers, prostate massage can be performed with just a latex glove and lubrication. Prostate Massage can even induce ejaculation on its own!

If you do not have a regular sexual partner, that is not a problem as it is the ejaculation itself that is beneficial, so frequent masturbation is equally beneficial, and can also incorporate prostate massage to increase the pleasure.

Reduce Alcohol intake

Alcohol has a diuretic effect, leading to dehydration, but also is bad for the liver and is responsible for stripping the body of nutrients. Beer can be especially bad due to the yeast content that can remain in the prostate gland and multiply, causing a number of prostate problems fluxactive such as Prostatitis or BPH. If you really enjoy an alcoholic drink then the best choice would be Red wine, always in moderation, but should be avoided if your Doctor has already diagnosed you with Prostatitis.

Keep Body Warm

Coldness has been shown to increase Prostate conditions, for this reason be sure to wear warm underwear and underpants to keep the prostate region warm, especially in colder climates. Also try to avoid sitting on cold seats and benches which will also chill the prostate region. Taking regular warm baths would be very beneficial, not only does it thoroughly warm your body, but helps to relax you as well.

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