How I Found the Best IPod Earbuds Ever

All beneficial things should reach a conclusion, and that most certainly incorporates the Mac headphones initially bundled with my iPod. Those moderate white ‘buds took care of business. In spite of the fact that they never paired my dark 30G iPod quite well, I was truly sorry to see them go. At the point when they failed miserably after I spent a long summer climbing, running, and accomplishing outside work, I figure I could have really cried- – despite the fact that it might have been sweat.

Obviously, be that as it may, the time had come to reload. What’s more, I confirmed that this time around I wouldn’t just find tiny headphones for my iPod that fit outwardly, I would likewise attempt to overhaul the sound quality. One issue: I had no cash. All things considered, not in a real sense, however in the broke-undergrad feeling of the expression. On the off chance that I laid out $100 on mini headphones, I would eat noodles in a cup for the following month.

There were a couple of other muddling components as well, similar to my desired reality the new ‘buds to improve in the area of hindering outer sound, and I didn’t maintain that they should drop out of my ears when I bowed my head aside to take a taste of espresso without sloshing it on my reading material.

Where did that leave me? It left me with extremely high plan and style requests and a financial plan that could scarcely bind up a couple of Hurl Taylors. Frankly, I didn’t know I would have the option to show improvement over another processing plant model pair. In any case, I began glancing around on the web, and coincidentally found the V-MODA “Bass Freq” tiny headphones. They got my attention since they came in creator tones. When I clicked around to understand surveys and client remarks, I encountered a humming sensation in my eardrums- – was the arrival of value iPod music going to occur?

I found this.

1. The V-MODA “Bass Freq” model had won a few pleasant honors (CNET and MacWorld).

2. They obviously worked effectively with clamor crossing out, no batteries required.

3. They accompanied those little elastic headphone cones in different sizes for flexible fit.

4. The ‘buds got adulated for their bass kick and fresh high pitch notes.

5. They were transported in creator tones (red, orange, green, blue, dark, silver, pink).

6. Best thing? They fell inside my modest cost range.

Feeling pretty energized at this point, I opened airpods case up my seventeenth Mastercard account (simply joking) and requested a couple of the V-MODA tiny headphones. I selected “tambarine orange”- – not on the grounds that I am a hippy, but since my dark iPod has without exception needed tiger stripes. About seven days after the fact, my bundle showed up from Amazon. After it sat on the lounge chair for seven days, I found time to open it. In reality, I tore it open in the lift and was paying attention to Press and Wine and Radiohead around two minutes after the fact.

The kicker is, this little Christmas morning scene occurred around 9 months prior. My unique sets of “Bass Freq” buds are still being used, and I’ve really requested four more, three of them for gifts. Why? Since, as guaranteed, the bass notes rock and the center and high notes come through magnificently. These mini headphones perform better compared to the firsts, and they’re most certainly a bit higher in the style division.

Toss in the way that they fit my little ears well and don’t continually drop out, and you have an extremely cheerful poor understudy. I feel entirely happy with granting these ‘buds the title of Best Headphones for iPod Of all time.

You know, Best Ever for under $30. At the point when I graduate, I’ll see what else V-MODA has available.