Importance Of Portable Massage Chair In Massage Therapy Session

Latest massager like electronic massage chair can increase income potential of a therapist manifold. If you are masseur, you can just add a portable massage chair in your massage parlor. This article will discuss the potential benefit of having a portable massage chair with you.

Portable massage chair gives confidence and comfort to patient

Normally, patient need to lie on their massage therapist’s table for a relaxing massage, but some people may feel too vulnerable to lie down while you work on them. There are stray cases where clients who have been sexually abused or raped, for instance, may be too hyper vigilant to lie down and relax. These clients with past history of sexually abused might, at least initially, feel more comfortable sitting fully clothed on a portable massage chair while you work on their shoulders, neck, hands, and feet.

A portable massage chair can also be used for clients with arthritis who cannot climb onto the table or lie down comfortably. A client with asthma, for instance, might feel uncomfortable in breathing while laying on her back or stomach. A very obese client or patient with joint pain might have difficulty climbing onto the table and lying flat could be uncomfortable.

Keeping a portable massage chair in your parlor or spa helps your clients know that you are sensitive to their differing needs.

How massage chair help your business outside your parlor>

You might get a corporate contract from an office to give back, neck, and shoulder massages to office staff. If you’re giving several quick mini-massages in a row, it will be tiring and time consuming for you. It will be very effective if you use portable massage  오피 후기 chair in these occasions.

Some masseurs take their massage chairs in public areas, like the entrance to a busy mall or on a well-traveled walkway which really boost their earning potential. People who are tired and have been on their feet for most of the day will often cheerfully shell out $15-$25 for a quick massage because it will refresh them and help them to have a nice sleep.

Bring your portable massage chair to a fund-raising walk for some noble cause or a marathon to raise money for underprivileged kids and offer free ten-minute massages and you will get a good return of investment from this volunteer activity. You’ll get your name out in the community- This will give you the benefit of viral marketing for your business

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