Sable’s Foods – An Inspiring Weight Loss Story That Fights Cancer Too

I love writing about weight loss solutions and when those solutions directly contribute to fighting cancer it makes it all the more satisfying. On my quest to identify new weight loss alternatives I’ve discovered Sable’s Foods.

The Story of Sable’s Foods is about their Nutritional Empowerment Bars that were born from firsthand knowledge developed over many years caring for cancer patients. As a long-serving oncology nurse, Alicia Sable-Hunt (RN, MBA) understood the immense struggle of those fighting cancer and what she terms cancer’s “nutritional challenge”-the crucial need for proper nutrition during treatment coupled with the loss of appetite and digestive issues that often prevent patients from receiving proper nourishment.

Not content with patients’ lack of flavorful yet nutritionally balanced options, Sable felt compelled to direct her experience and empathy toward a solution. She knew that cancer patients needed foods that would meet their specific nutritional requirements while offering flavors and textures that would taste great and be easily digestible.

She also wanted to offer them something buy anavar steroids portable, as Sable strongly believes that patients should be able to thrive while continuing with their daily lives during treatment and recovery. Championing this cause, in 2006, Sable stepped into her kitchen and began baking up a solution.

I have a family history with cancer and it excites me to read about a nutritious offering that is especially beneficial to those during these difficult times.

Sable’s ensured the bars had good flavor by cooking them, as well as ensuring they were made with wholesome tasting ingredients. And, she made sure that the bars had a good texture to them so that the harshness of many granolas and nuts was not as severe; her bars retain the crunch while solving the rough factor. Of course, these bars had to be nutritious so Sable played with protein levels and meticulously mixed the concentration of vitamins and minerals. Not only did she involve other cooks in the process, but cancer patients, nurses and scientists were also enlisted.

Ask Sable’s Foods what makes their bars different and their answer is simple: “Sable’s Foods was developed with insights provided by two primary groups: cancer patients who know best what they want to eat…and nutrition and oncology specialists who know what patients need to eat to support them through their journey and recovery.”

And they are not content with simply providing a great nutrition bar for those fighting cancer, they also donate a portion of the profits from product sales to non-profit organizations actively pursuing solutions to cancer care issues. Or in simpler terms, “a bite of every bar” is donated to cancer research.

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